VivacSo gets its name from the Latin Vivax Solutio, meaning a ‘long-lived, full of life, durable solution’.

VívacSo is made up, first of all, of highly motivated and competent people. Among the founding members are medical researchers and industry technicians.


Neurologist, PhD in Neuroscience
Carlo Calosso

Chief Operating Officer

Architect & designer, Marketing.

Vascular Surgeon, MBA, Manager


VivacSo is proud and honoured to have been ‘discovered’ by and welcomed to I3P .

An innovative business incubator founded within the Polytechnic University of Turin, I3P is one of the world leaders in the public sector. We thus have had the opportunity to study, improve, test and validate Opponent® at DIMEAS, the Aerospace Department of the University.

The final design of Opponent® emerged from the discussion between VivacSo and

– model-maker Paolo Zanin, who has 30 years of experience in composite fibres;

Zero K , with its exceptional skills in reverse engineering;

Inovika, a leading company in high-performance composite fibre products;

– graphic designer Luisa Boschi;

Improved versions were then subjected to comfort and effectiveness tests on volunteers, and to static stress tests and dynamic resistance tests at DIMEAS.

This made it possible to achieve the effective, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product that is presented here.

To access and have the possibility to purchase the products, it is necessary to obtain the access data by following the purchase procedure described in the product page