The only orthosis designed to improve gait impaired by damage to the central nervous system (e.g.: stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.)


Opponent® is the first mainly frontal AFO. Designed to prevent internal rotation of the foot, it works by blocking its torsion, opposing effective constraints on the frontal plane while supporting it at the same time.

All other products are mainly longitudinal, i.e., they’re effective at supporting the foot and preventing it from dropping on the longitudinal plane, but much less effective at blocking its rotation on the frontal plane. This is precisely what makes Opponent new and different.

Opponent® is an innovative, cutting-edge AFO because it takes the torsional force of the spastic foot and shifts it to the leg, opposing it with the invincible obstacle constituted by the calf itself.

The internal rotation reflex (‘supination’ or ‘inversion’ of the foot), absent when stationary, occurs when walking, which hinders and slows the gait of the person with spasticity because, unless it’s countered in some way, it prevents bodyweight from being distributed on the paretic side.

Opponent® also helps people who suffer from ankle instability due to prevalent flaccidity and weakness of the foot muscles: in the latter, the uneven distribution of the weight of the body causes internal rotation.

In both cases, the result can be a sprained ankle or even falling or tripping: this very risk is what causes a slow, unstable gait.

Opponent®, which is made of a composite of carbon, Kevlar® and Vectran®, supports the dropped foot and prevents its internal rotation and distortion due to spasticity or flaccidity. It simultaneously provides a useful forward thrust during the advancement phase of each step: this combined action speeds up the pace.

Opponent® is a custom-made medical device that complies with Directive 93/42/EC and subsequent amendments, manufactured by VívacSo Srl.


Lightweight and not bulky
Because it’s so lightweight and easy to use, Opponent means you can wear whatever you want, no need to modify your clothing in any way!

The heel of the foot is in full, direct contact with the ground or shoe. This is good for the well-being of the heel, the adherence of the foot, and the control over each step, and it doesn’t create height differences between the legs.

Removable padding
Removable padding makes Opponent comfortable and pleasant to wear. Made of a hypoallergenic material, it’s washable and offers a pleasant feeling of softness in contact with the skin.


Easy to wear
Opponent can easily be slipped on with one hand in seconds, even by individuals with a limited range of motion.

The back of the insole is open, which ensures a perfect fit and avoids heel pain and inflammation.

Ópponent adapts to the needs of each individual at the time of purchase, and beyond.


Practical and effective
Once adapted to the wearer, Opponent can be used throughout the day:

with any degree of spasticity (as long as the foot and ankle can return to their original position);

– with any shoe, including sandals;

– sporty, casual or classic;

without its functionality being altered in any way.

Opponent has an essential shape, closely linked to functionality.

Its essentiality contributes to its aesthetics.

The design makes it compatible with every outfit, in every season and on every occasion.



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